Have you ever been gifted or gifted (yourself) Roses?

May be you’ve spent this Spring/Summer tending to your home-grown Roses?

You may have spent weeks admiring them blooming, enjoying the aroma that uplifts the spirit and visually brightens your home.

But what do you when they come to the end of their life? Just the thought of throwing away such a wondrous and healing flower pains my heart!



I wanted to share a super simple way of maximising the value and benefit of Roses. Let’s take a leaf (or petal) out of Cleopatra; the legendary beauty queen’s book  …by making our own Rose water toner… Well, I don’t think she made it herself!

Before we get on to the recipe let me share 3 (there are many more) amazing benefits of introducing Rose water into you’re skin care routine.

  1. Rose water is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, it soothes the skin from irritation caused by dry skin conditions including Eczema and Rosacea
  2. Balances Ph levels; when used as a toner, clears clogged pores and helps to prevent acne by controlling oil production
  3. Anti-oxidants within Rosewater strengthen the skin cells and brightens the skin to look younger and fresher.

OK so heres the recipe:


rose petals
  1. Carefully pick all the petals off the rose bud without bruising or tearing,
  2. Place in a heat proof dish; and cover the rose petals with hot water, allow to steep for 2-3 hours (minimum)
  3.  Once the petals have steeped, you will be left with a beautiful pink hued potion ready to fill into a handy spray bottle.

This DIY Rose water will last up to 2 weeks if kept in the refridgerator. Be mindful that using home-grown roses is proabably the surest way to have pesticide-free rosewater. 


Now, if you’re not one for DIY or simply don’t have the time, then you’re in luck! The Rose Hibicus Facial Mist is now in stock on the website!

It contains organic steam-distilled Rose water, Hibiscus; to match the colour appeal of DIY Rose water, added anti-oxidants and its reputation for increasing skin elasticity.  Lastly, Aloe Vera gel for extra hydration and moisture lock-in.